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08 May 2009

Verizon has awful customer service!

As anyone who has had to call Verizon can probably attest to ...


And for a phone company, the call quality of their customer service sucks -- as they transfer you from one call centre to another, the voice quality gets progressively worse and worse.

Perhaps the poor line call quality is intentional - so that after an hour and being bounced from one call centre to another, you're forced to disconnect and try again because everything becomes unintelligible.

Even though you enter in your "BTN" number, you get sent to a call centre on the other side of the country just to be sent back...

I am so tempted to just cancel.


Antony said...

Bah... hours of my life wasted while on the phone to Verizon. It is 10:13am and I have already spent 3 hours today.
Yesterday, I spent in excess of 5 hours on the phone with them.
So... Given their abhorrent attitude as to when they would rectify their problems, it seems that the SLA for "Business Service" is 48 hours.

With a SLA of 48 hours and assuming only one failure a year (highly unlikely), they are aiming for a maximum availability of 99.387% per year.

However, if I extrapolate from the near-weekly issues I had with their DSL service, if the FiOS were to have equal issues, the maximum availability would be around 90% per year.

90% availability for Verizon Business grade service...


Antony said...

Evidently, it seems that Verizon only offer "best effort" availability and have no "Service Level Agreement", even for Business service.

I think that trying to offer Business grade service with only "best effort" availability is atrocious, especially when they are charging the customer a premium over their residential customers for essentially the same service.

If there was any form of real competition without all these "Local Monopolies", Verizon will go bankrupt within a month.

Antony said...

Verizon tech arrived to fix issues... But apparently, the company has exceedingly poor communication skills as the tech has no idea what it is that he is meant to be doing.


Antony said...

At least the tech which did come out proved capable and finally fixed the botched install.

Relieved and feel drained/exhausted from the experience... Well... mostly the bad experience was from being in the hell which is the automated Verizon system.