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05 July 2007

Yay! The new motherboard, CPU, RAM and PSU are npw installed into my home fileserver. Booting up and running straight after the major upgrade without a hitch, very nice how seamless FreeBSD makes the transition but there again, I expected that to be problem free. Sitting on my desk is the old motherboard, an Intel OR840 with a Pentium 3 800MHz processor: A real oddity by todays standards as the CPU is a Slot-A module and the RAM is RamBus 800 modules. There is a spare slot for a second CPU which is only populated by the termination card... as are half the RAM slots. Tempting to try to find a second CPU and perhaps I will splurge and buy eComStation to run on this odd motherboard. At least now, I will be able to update FreeBSD on the fileserver without worrying about carefully reapplying patches to allow FreeBSD to work without problems on the OR840.

03 July 2007

Just when I was somewhat enthusiastic about swapping over my fileserver motherboard, I discover that my power supply is too ancient to support the new motherboard. Ho hum. So I have ordered a new PSU and it should arrive on the 5th. I was hoping to be able to do the swap during a day-off so theres minimal interruption.