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14 November 2007

Tower of Hanoi

Moving stuff around or even preparing to move stuff around is all hard work - especially when space is limited. Preparing stuff for my new home office and getting things ready... Soon the rest of the furniture and stuff will be ordered. I hope that it would all be done by Christmas.
My arms are aching though.

05 November 2007

Leopard Spaces...

I wish that Spaces can use multiple displays ... Having all the 'thumbnails' only on the primary display makes them small and unintelligible.

02 November 2007

Book browsing

I went to Borders this evening after work and while I was there, I browsed some books ... My interest today was looking at different scripting languages (yeah computer books, how predicable of me). Had a look at the books on Python and Ruby - It's amazing that none of them are thread safe which makes it impractical for some of the stuff I want to do.
So I purchased a Terry Pratchett book. I much prefer the artwork on his UK books than the artwork over here.