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19 March 2022

Review of Amazon order which Amazon rejected

Since Amazon has refused to post review of this product, I shall instead post my opinion here:
This order clearly indicates in the description sold by "Tiago's Store" that the product is 188g total for the full sized product.

The product I received is clearly marked as being substantially less than 188g. It is clearly marked as being 149g.
There appears to be no means to correct this mistake or even provide a pro-rata refund of the missing product to make good the transaction.

For some reason, Amazon's review reviewers believe that my complaint falls into the category of "It appears you reviewed shipping or packaging experience." I'm not complaining about the shipping nor the box that the product arrived within. My complaint is only that I did not receive the product that I had expected and nothing to do with the shipping or packaging experience.

In my opinion, the seller "Tiago's Store" is actively defrauding customers by deliberately misrepresenting their stock and Amazon is doing no one any favours by defending such behaviour.

If I was in the UK receiving this product, I would be at least protected by the Trade and Descriptions Act and the Sale of Goods Act. It is unfortunate that there does not appear to be any equivalent consumer protection laws in the USA. Sure, there are laws with titles which claim to protect consumers but just like this sale, the titles of laws in the USA are purely aspirational and are not actually representative of what the law provides.

01 March 2022

Product Documentation

No closed source product should ever display an error which the docs do not explain how to remediate.

If people or corporations want to be lazy with documenting their product, they should at least open source it.