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31 May 2007

This is amusing... Ok, perhaps ironic, also prophetic... But quite definitely amusing.
Apologies to all those people who have seen it in March but here is the link:
George Orwell's former house surrounded by 32 CCTV cameras, all within 200 yards.

22 May 2007

Delayed posting, originally for Monday 16 April, 2007

So much has happened during th past week but due to the happenings, I have not been able to post any news.
Easter Sunday at around 3:30am, my mother in law suffered a severe heart attack. She passed away early on Tuesday at about 4:30am. These events were completly unexpected due to the full exam she had a month ago and of her mere hours before the heart attack. We held her funeral and burial on Friday. There was quite a good turnout.