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30 January 2006

Nostalgia... I am sure that a lot of people who have used computers at least as long as myself experience it often. Today, I was introduced to Oprofile. It looks like it will satisfy my search for a code profiling tool... However, it made me remember using Turbo Profiler 386 for DOS in the very early 1990's... I remember being sad having to give it up when I went to use OS/2.

Oh well, Oprofile is not as user friendly as Turbo Profiler, I shall just have to put up with that and get work done.
Start of a new week. Didn't do any programming last night, instead went to sleep pretty early (for me, anyways). Going to make a fresh start on the current patch - I know what is needed and I still have the previous ?almost? patch to compare with... Actually, that patch runs the failing test case perfectly but I found a more serious flaw which will if fixed will make life easier.

28 January 2006

Making multi-process code into multi-threaded is not easy... The synchronization needs to be examined and the locking redone as the assumptions are different.

No sleep for me, I guess.
Something different, trying out plogit...
Perhaps if I could add entries from the convience of the palm with no PC attached, I would write more and keep this up to date. Nice theory anyways.
...its cold this morning but I am wearing a T-shirt.

27 January 2006

New start

Decided I should dedicate a blog to my programming ... mostly for myself but maybe it may have something interesting for someone.