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29 March 2007

Morons from Saturn... Sounds like a B film title but it is the reality of the total idiots at a certain car dealership in Cerritos. I would wager that the employees of their service department are completely unable to tell their ass from their elbows without the aid of a working diagnostic computer... Except that they are unable o READ or THINK in order to plug the wires in. As people would say in England... What a load of Plonkers.
Just realized that I haven't posted anything to the blog in a while and I had an old unposted entry in my Palm. This morning, I am having to bring the car to its service.
Funny how the optimism of what airlines tell their customers know no bounds. Here I am writing this entry and its already 6 minutes past the ticketed boarding time and there is still no aeroplane at the gate, yet they have only just changed status from 'on time' to 'delayed 20 minutes'. This is dispite the fact that the aeroplane is still in the air with passengers on its way here.
Kind of like trains in the UK.

08 March 2007

Stuck in rainy Seattle. Yes, it did rain for a while earlier. I listened to it hitting the roof and windows. I still hear a few spots now.
I am returning back to Los Angeles today. It was nice to work and chat with Bran but I do miss Katie... and the messed up cat Sweety.
Here is a random thought which just struck me: Freedom is having a wide range of choices available and not having to make a decision.