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31 December 2006

Time to plan my New Year's Resolutions... All kind of things I'd like to have there but I think I should limit myself to a few achieveable objectives.
I would like to see Katie and myself move into an apartment...
I would like to get the WarpBSD/Nemesys project off the ground (now that would be something! It's been in planning stage for 10 years now.)
and many many more,,
And while I am here... How come I can visualise a product I would like to buy for Katie - and such a product not exist? I'm referring to the bluetooth/ipod car adaptor I have been looking for about 6 months now. It's simple really... It plugs into the car cigarette lighter, it charges the iPod, it plugs into car's aux audio input, it has a microphone, when a cell call comes in, it pauses the music and uses the car's stereo and its own mic as a hands free car phone solution. The technology certainly exists. Why is it not available?

22 December 2006

A hard drive failed in the evening. Fortunately it's in a RAID set so nothing was lost. Funny that it was the very drive I expected to fail first and I have already purchased a spare. I guess that I should make some effort to erase the old drive before I return it to Fry's for a repacement.

08 December 2006

It has been a very long time since the last blog posting. Must try to post reguarly.