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30 January 2007

27 January 2007

So many projects I am iching to do, so little free time. I still believe my idea or a MySQL storage engine is viable. My ideas for an alternative computing platform. The OS/2 clone system. So little time.

23 January 2007

Yet another root canal... Hopefully the last. This didn't go too badly but that is hindsight: I hate injections and the sounds and smell of metal cutting in to teeth completely fails to fill me with joy. I have a couple more check-ups in the future: With luck, they should now be uneventful.

19 January 2007

The Apple Tech Talk was interesting... chatted with a few interesting people. I think that I should talk to Calvin to take advantage of some opportunities Leopard can give MySQL... Couldn't stay for the "Cheese and Wine" reception as the last Metro home departs Union Station at 6:30pm.
It is 8am. Funny thing... I have been living here for over 15 months and today will be the first time I venture into LA alone and I am travelling by train.

15 January 2007

UPS delivery drivers here are complete and utter MORONS! Actually, thats insuling to the common moron. Look at the box: Three large symbols, first one means "this way up", the second one means "fragile", the third means "keep dry". Yet this delivery man throws the box from his cab onto the front door step - a clear 15ft that the box, which contains a replacement hard drive from Seagate, is airborne! That does not fit my definition of careful handling. And UPS has no easy way to lodge a complaint about mishandled packages on their web site - as if they hope that no one will complain. Wankers, the whole lot of them!

07 January 2007

This device looks like a nifty toy. Pity I don't have much time for toys.
Seems as if there is a bug going around ... Not the computer kind... It seems as if I have caught it and I am not feeling so great.

03 January 2007

The car did have a defective bearing. It has been replaced for no charge. Thank goodness for warranties! And while on the topic of warranties: The faulty hard drive was sent to Seagate today. Sad to note that if I buy a Maxtor drive now, it will be the third time I have purchased a Seagate drive. The first was an ST-225 and the second was something like a ST-364A...

02 January 2007

Chaos reigns supreme! For the second time in as many months our car, a 2006 Saturn Ion Coupe, is in for repair except that this time, not only is the power steering dodgy but it appears that the front left drive wheel bearing is failing! Less than 20,000 miles and only 16 months old.
Renting a car at Enterprise Rent a Car...