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01 May 2020

Standards have fallen. Disappointed by IEEE

Personally, I'm disappointed that the IEEE is reporting this as a good idea. It's not and I'll just outline a few of the issues:
- Horribly exothermic, a lot of lost energy.
- Did I say lost energy? Making aluminium from aluminium oxide takes a lot of energy.
- Hydrogen embrittling of the gasoline engine.
- Accelerated corrosion of the exhaust manifold.

Come on! This shouldn't even have passed a basic engineering review. This is basic A Level chemistry!

Photo: Kelly Wilkinson/Indy Star/USA TODAY Network/Imagn Content Services
Kurt Koehler, founder and president of AlGalCo, shows his HOT (Hydrogen on Tap) system, Thursday, April 9, 2020. It sits in a City of Carmel Street Department truck.