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01 January 2013

Goodbye 2012. Hello 2013.

It's that time of year again: Reflect on the year's successes and flubs... Of which some were "resolutions" and some were merely wish-list items.

Notable flubs:

  • Practically all work-related items were flubs but there again, I didn't seriously expect Blizzard to give me the "pink slip".
  • Most FOSS project items were flubs but there again, changing job and relocating puts a serious crimp on one's free time.
  • Failed to maintain the fitness improvement - Finished 2010 at 235lbs, 2011 at 198lbs and I'm finishing 2012 at 206lbs. Could be worse, I suppose.
Hard pressed to think of any real successes which were on the 2012 list. There are a few work successes at my job at +LinkedIn but they don't count because this time last year, I was only a user of their site.

Anyways, on to non-work wish-list for 2013... Not solid resolutions because, meh.

  • Would be nice to get back to under 200lbs again.
  • I am going to make time for Free and Open Source projects:
    • OQGraph for MariaDB
      • Cleanup the v3 work
      • Get it merged into trunk.
    • External Stored Procedures for MariaDB
      • Cleanup the current work.
      • Include the proof-of-concept work to split the parser so that the stored procedure parser is plugable.
      • Get it merged into trunk.
    • Playing with Raspberry Pi
      • I plan to outfit my Pi with more IO using cheap PIC16 parts and make all the source and schematics open.
      • I want to make a small bipedal robot, powered by a Pi or two.
      • Is it possible to use I2C as a Transport for NDBCluster?
  • Just for fun:
    • Participate in more get togethers with other Blizzard alumni who are now in the SF Bay area.
  • Personal development:
    • I'm planning to relearn the piano.
    • Read more books. I have a backlog of books, including fiction books, that I want to read.
    • Eventually get my home office organised.
I'll see where it leads...