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07 August 2014

The right tool for the job...

I've just thought of a great analogy for something:

Imagine that a team has an OKR:

  • Objective: Secure a piece of wood to another piece of wood.
  • Key Results:
    1. Select a suitable fastener.
    2. Select a suitable tool.
    3. Fasten the pieces of wood together.

The team chooses a good wood screw.
The team chooses a good electric screwdriver.

The two items are designed to work together.

The team puts the wood screw into the hole.
The team then proceeds to use the electric screwdriver as a hammer,
hammering the screw into the hole.
Bits of the electric screwdriver shatter. The head of the screw is mangled.

OKR objective and key results achieved.

Now imagine that someone needs to fix this, afterwards.