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01 January 2014

Goodbye 2013... Hello 2014.

That was one fast year... Zoom!
When it comes to personal objectives, not a particularly successful year.


As a courtesy, the link to last year's retrospective is right here.

As with last year, lets start with the notable flubs:

  • Failed to spend enough time to relearn the piano.
  • FOSS flubs - failed to get code out there and adopted.
  • Continued to fail to maintain fitness... I end this year at 211lbs vs last year's 206lbs.

As +Eric Idle says; always look at the bright side of life. There were a few very minor victories:
  • 400KHz I2C on Raspberry Pi to a PIC16 microcontroller slave.
  • Managed to test OQGraph3 with TokuDB on MariaDB.
  • Reduced by 20% the reading list backlog.
  • Did manage to get together for a few meetups with other Blizzard alumni.

Wish list for 2014

Obligatory wish-list for the new year which contains some duplicates from last year. As always, these aren't resolutions but wishy-washy objectives which may or may not be met, blah, blah...
Perhaps a little shorter list than last year.
  • Free and Open Source Software projects
    • Dedicate some hours to help polish OQGraph by March.
    • Split the WL#820 project into lots of separate commits.
  • Personal development:
    • This time, really do set aside some time to relearn the piano.
    • Complete at least one large project (electronics, pi, etc).
    • Organise the office, really! It's a dump!


2013 was a forgettable year except for time with my daughter.

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