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20 August 2008

There can be a whole new service industry,

Here is an interesting business idea which maybe someone can run with and exploit:
For a nominal fee, perhaps $5-$10 per week, a company can provide a junk call phone screening service. Here is the details:
  • A FXO/FXS device is plugged into your PC which is wired to the internet.
  • The phone line from customer's phone service plugs into the PC.
  • All the home phones are connected to the PC.
  • Outgoing calls are unhindered... The service may optionally route the call through cheapest path.
  • VOIP-based phone services, such as Vonage, can skip some of the above.
  • An incoming call which matches customer-supplied list of phone numbers causes home phones to ring.
  • All other incoming calls are immediately picked up by the computer.
  • If it sounds like a FAX, receive it and store on hard drive.
  • Otherwise, call is routed to phone-screening operator, perhaps in India or wherever is cheap.
  • If caller can identify themselves, matching supplied list (such as credit card account number), the call may be forwarded to the customer's home phones or a pre-recorded message can be played back at the caller.
  • Forwarding services can be provided for extra $$ subscription... No need to miss an important call. Forward to a VOIP target, or a cellphone perhaps...
  • All received non-personal calls can be recorded. The operator will notify the caller immediately after answering the call.
  • The audio file will be stored (long term) on the customer's PC.
  • Short-term audio retrieval would be available online from the service's web site.
  • All received calls, (CID details, date, time, duration) are logged/archived on customer's PC.
  • Recent calls list may be viewed online.

Now, wouldn't it be funny when a Telemarketer from India is received by an operator in India, and you never need be bothered by a phone call in the middle of the night?

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