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22 March 2008

I now have Time!

Well, it is done.

I am now officially a jobless lazy bum. On the plus side - I now have time!

Time to think about relaxing properly. Time to read one of those dozens of books I never seemed to have time for.

There are a few things I need to do - but there is no work stress or pressure. This weekend will be the first in years where I have no deadlines to think about. Okay - I did have a couple of deadlines but they don't matter anymore.

Important things have happened - Iain M Banks has published a new Culture novel: Matter. I plan to read it this coming week... but not too fast - I shall wait until I have a nice open slot for that activity so I can enjoy his work fully.


Martin Cooke said...

wow, a new Culture novel; but does it really Matter?

Martin Cooke said...

Yes! It does!! It appears (from pp. 62-9) to be set on the same sort of world as was Feersum Endjinn (the best Sci-Fi novel ever :-)

Martin Cooke said...

Hmm... not sure if it was set on such a world, now I've finished it (so sad not to be still reading it [:-(], but what a great read it was (is Banks like an upgraded Tolkein or what?)!).

Entry 23 Eco of Kristofer said...

Was the book any good?
There will come a time again when I can read books instead of changing dipers. Maybe I should pick up this one?