11 April 2014

10 second thoughts: Gradle

In my opinion, Gradle is a bad idea, implemented poorly. It should never take dozens of gigabytes of RAM and many tens of minutes, just to load its config files and determine that the command asked was mistyped.

17 March 2014

H41-08U: Caravan of Ignorance

Amazing how people like to celebrate their stupidity and parade their ignorance as a virtue.

02 January 2014

colordiff trailing whitespace again

Why do I keep on having to do this?

I think I shall leave this version of the patch right here for future reference.

--- /usr/bin/colordiff 2010-06-01 12:47:41.000000000 -0700
+++ colordiff 2014-01-02 13:29:03.954751310 -0800
@@ -61,4 +61,5 @@
 my $diff_stuff = $colour{magenta};
 my $cvs_stuff  = $colour{darkyellow};
+my $trailing_whitespace = "\033[0;41m";
 # Locations for personal and system-wide colour configurations
@@ -311,4 +312,5 @@
 foreach (@inputstream) {
+    my $added_line = 0;
     if ($diff_type eq 'diff') {
         if (/^</) {
@@ -317,4 +319,5 @@
         elsif (/^>/) {
             print "$file_new";
+            $added_line = 1;
         elsif (/^[0-9]/) {
@@ -337,4 +340,5 @@
         elsif (/^\+ /) {
             print "$file_new";
+            $added_line = 1;
         elsif (/^\*{4,}/) {
@@ -379,4 +383,5 @@
         elsif (/^\+/) {
             print "$file_new";
+            $added_line = 1;
         elsif (/^\@/) {
@@ -406,4 +411,5 @@
             elsif ($sepchars eq ' >') {
                 print "$file_new";
+                $added_line = 1;
             else {
@@ -426,4 +432,5 @@
         $_ =~ s/(\{\+[^]]*?\+\})/$file_new$1$colour{off}/g;
+    s/(\s+)$/$trailing_whitespace$1/ if $added_line;
     print "$_";


01 January 2014

Goodbye 2013... Hello 2014.

That was one fast year... Zoom!
When it comes to personal objectives, not a particularly successful year.


As a courtesy, the link to last year's retrospective is right here.

As with last year, lets start with the notable flubs:

  • Failed to spend enough time to relearn the piano.
  • FOSS flubs - failed to get code out there and adopted.
  • Continued to fail to maintain fitness... I end this year at 211lbs vs last year's 206lbs.

As +Eric Idle says; always look at the bright side of life. There were a few very minor victories:
  • 400KHz I2C on Raspberry Pi to a PIC16 microcontroller slave.
  • Managed to test OQGraph3 with TokuDB on MariaDB.
  • Reduced by 20% the reading list backlog.
  • Did manage to get together for a few meetups with other Blizzard alumni.

Wish list for 2014

Obligatory wish-list for the new year which contains some duplicates from last year. As always, these aren't resolutions but wishy-washy objectives which may or may not be met, blah, blah...
Perhaps a little shorter list than last year.
  • Free and Open Source Software projects
    • Dedicate some hours to help polish OQGraph by March.
    • Split the WL#820 project into lots of separate commits.
  • Personal development:
    • This time, really do set aside some time to relearn the piano.
    • Complete at least one large project (electronics, pi, etc).
    • Organise the office, really! It's a dump!


2013 was a forgettable year except for time with my daughter.

16 October 2013

Accurate notifications: 249,561,088 Invitations!

It's always nice when applications give notifications which are useful and informative. In this example, I present a picture of a terribly useful notification from the FaceBook app on an iPad mini...
#iPad #Facebook

29 September 2013

I like modern phones

I really do like our modern era of customisable smart phones... The HTC One is truly the best phone I have ever owned.

The point if this posting: The recent Android 4.3 upgrade also upgraded the system apps. This meant that it came bundled with Google Hangouts and Google Maps 7. Both of these apps are a UI nightmare and so, I have removed them and installed the older Google Talk 4.1.2 and Google Maps 6.14.4 apps.

Much nicer!

#HTCOne #Android